Manufacturing process

Engineers in Germany and Lithuania unite their efforts to achieve finest quality products. 2D and 3D CAD design for our custom security doors and windows.

Production line with high quality Swiss and Japanese machinery allows us to produce our security doors and windows very efficiently.

Next generation TRUMPF TruLaser 5030 Fiber provides us a significant advantage in steel cutting accuracy that is very important to achieve finest quality security doors and windows steel structure.

Welding is an essential process in our production line. As most our security doors and windows are bespoke and made to measure all welding is done by our highly skilled staff.

First step in quality control: laser verification after welding security door construction.

Precision powder painting of security doors and windows metal structures.

With our MECA PRO 4020 CNC routing table, we can mill wood, aluminium, MDF and almost any other material in 2D and 3D with excellent accuracy. This allows us to meet the extensive demands of our customers to provide finest quality finishing panels for Gerlock security doors.

Finishing panels for our security doors are brushed and painted by the experienced hands of our staff.

Assembly shop: where our security doors strong steel structures meet their beautiful architectural finishing panels, high security locking systems, custom handles and are assembled into a complete package.

Multi-step quality control process of assembled security doors and windows.

Packing Gerlock security doors and shipping all over the world.

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